Willowbank provides instruction in beginner, basic riding & jumping, dressage and western riding from a Centered Riding® perspective.

  • Children’s programs center on improving physical, social and learningRiding for Balance
  • Adult programs deal with techniques of awareness, sensitivity to your horse and your environment and deriving stimulation, energy and motivation from it.

Mounted exercises will help you understand where energy and motivation come from, and what can stop you from achieving desired goals.

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Whether you are looking for an introduction to riding, have special needs or would like to take English or Western lessons, come ride with us.

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HORSEMANSHIP – A Path to Well-Being

Horses are creatures of power, gracefulness and dignity. When carrying a special kind of person, horses are able to sense it.  ‘Special’ does not necessarily mean that these riders have special needs or disabilities.  Rather, ‘special’ means having a special connection with the horse.  This connection may well result from human qualities that develop while learning to … Continue reading HORSEMANSHIP – A Path to Well-Being

Dressage at Willowbank

Dressage is the French word for ‘training’. However, ‘training’ may be interpreted in two ways. The first is ‘equipping the horse with the skills needed for a specific purpose’ (e.g. pleasure riding, hunting, jumping, driving, plowing, logging, military/police mounts). The second is ‘developing the full potential of the horse.’ Incorporated in this second goal may … Continue reading Dressage at Willowbank

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