About Us

At Willowbank Equestrian Centre our riding school focuses primarily on the physical and mental well-being of the rider as a person. Horsemanship is the extra spin-off!

Whether you are looking for an introduction to riding, have special needs or would like to take English or Western lessons, come ride with us.

Horse Human ConnectionP1010893

Horses respond to your body language and your authentic inner self — not the outer shell you feel you should project. The responses from the horse help you to discover who you are and what you might like to change.

If you are angry with your horse, the horse will know it and respond by

  • tensing up (freezing),
  • trying to escape physically and mentally (flight), or
  • by defending himself with ‘bad’ behaviour (fighting)

and guess who is the strongest!

Riding takes confidence, acceptance of who you and your horse are, and keen observation — see, hear and feel more acutely!

Children, Youth & Adults

Children’s programs center on improving physical, social and learning skills. With adults, we deal more with techniques of awareness, sensitivity to your horse and your environment and deriving stimulation, energy and motivation from it.riding_lesson

Equally important is sensing opposed forces within you that dull your body sense and prevent the natural flow of emotions.

Riding: A Body, Mind and Spirit Activity!

Experience the interactions of your mind, body and inner self.

Mounted exercises will help you understand where energy and motivation come from, and what can stop you from achieving desired goals.

Learn how emotions affect you and how to deal with stressors in your environment more effectively. Best of all you’ll go away with new tools for welcoming change and becoming more like the YOU, you really are!

We welcome children, youth and adults. Each one of us is unique, and we all have some special needs. At Willowbank YOU are special. Come enjoy the beautiful natural environment, the horses and our hospitality.

Enjoy yourself, feel good about yourself and discover something new…in you!

programmes equestres
After School Program – Programme d’activités équestres après l’école

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