Job Training

Training for a career with horses is available, including for those with moderate physical or mental limits. Begin the life-long learning process of caring for, relating to, and achieving the best possible for individual horses – and they ARE individuals!

Cost: The fee for teaching, demonstrations and supervision by Willowbank Staff is $5/Trainee hour.

Employment training will require variable schedules depending on each candidate. For candidates clearly demonstrating experience and suitability, 1 week in training may be sufficient to absorb our procedures. For all Trainees, a daily Training Report will be kept, indicating personal suitability (e.g. personality, work ethic, teamwork), tasks assigned, skills, abilities, and efficiency demonstrated; and difficulties encountered. Training schedules may be adjusted and renewed.

On completion of the Training, Trainees will receive a Certificate of Participation, a Work Report indicating Tasks performed successfully, and a Letter of Recommendation.

Typical Schedules:

For those with short concentration span, limited ability:

2 hr/day – 3 days/week
Initial 8 weeks = $240

Some Experience or Speedy Learner:

up to 6 hr/day – 5 days/week
Initial 4 weeks =$600

Time to graduation:

As soon as the Supervisor of the Trainee finds the Trainee competent for designated duties in the time allowed, the Supervisor, in consultation with at least 2 other staff members, will prepare a Final Report for the Trainee. Together with a Letter of Recommendation, these documents will inform prospective employers regarding skills, abilities and experience at Willowbank.

We cannot guarantee to employ all ‘graduates’. Graduates may apply as positions become available.