Rider Forms

Forms for All Riders

Please fill out the Rider Information Form and submit in advance indicating when rider/trainee is available to begin. Arrange a site visit with WBK instructor, rider/trainee, and rider/trainee supervisor or responsible adult as appropriate. Submit payment at least 4 weeks in advance. If cancelled 2 weeks in advance, payments made will be reimbursed, minus $50 administration fee.

Willowbank Rider Information Form –  Required by both Able and Special Needs Riders

Willowbank Equestrian Medical Form – Required for Riders with Special Needs

Willowbank Equestrian Activity Risk Form required by all riders

Special Forms

These are important to fill out if you have any special needs. ie. allergy to nuts

Willowbank Equestrian Extra Info for anyone with special needs concerning food, allergies and any sensitivities.

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Email your forms and selected programs to: willowbankinfo@gmail.com