Stress Release Program

Our Stress Release programs are designed for Adults and Youth with stress-related issues, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD; and divorce (parents or offspring), first responders (Veterans, Police, Firemen, Rescue Crew), young offenders, unhealthy work environment; syndromes involving the autonomic nervous system (ANS), or plain worn-out.

Activities with horses, in-hand and mounted, are based on medical science related to relaxation, centering, coherence, and entrainment of body organs.

Stress Relief Program – Options
Type Timeframe Cost
Private 2 hour $120.00
Group 8 weekly – 2 hour sessions $700.00
Group Week* July 25-29 1 week
Mon to Fri – 10am to 4pm

*Lunch included with week long programs.workshop

Instructor: Carolyn (Carol) Miller, PhD (1968) Molecular Genetics/Cancer Research,PDF (Epidemiology); and 20 years in Health Risk Assessment, Health Canada and Environment Canada.
A trained Facilitator will also accompany each horse/rider team.

Assessments of progress will be conducted by social workers or psychologists not otherwise involved in program delivery.